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The Unsettling Discovery: Concerns of EV Safety During Highway Collisions with Guard Rails

As the electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to gain momentum, there has been significant focus on the safety aspects associated with this innovative automotive technology. While EVs are generally considered to have a lower risk of catching fire compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, recent crash tests evaluating the effectiveness of highway guardrails have raised concerns. In this blog post, we explore an eye-opening article that sheds light on the potential risks EVs face during collisions with guardrails and the urgent need for improved safety measures.


Guardrails and EVs: An Alarming Revelation:

Recently, the automotive industry has witnessed the rise of several prominent EV manufacturers. These companies have made significant strides in advancing electric vehicle technology and safety. However, the safety of EV occupants during highway accidents involving guardrails has emerged as a worrisome issue.


According to an investigative report by AZ Family, crash tests conducted to evaluate guardrail performance have revealed alarming results when it comes to protecting EV occupants. The report indicates that the current design and construction of many highway guardrails are not adequately equipped to handle the unique characteristics of EVs during severe collisions.


The Underlying Issue:

While traditional internal combustion engine vehicles can often withstand a crash into a guardrail due to their heft and structural design, EVs possess distinct characteristics that demand special consideration. These vehicles feature a weight distribution pattern influenced by battery placement, which could significantly impact their behavior during a collision.


As per the study, when some EVs collide with a guardrail, the battery packs within these vehicles tend to absorb a large portion of the impact. This results in increased risks, such as battery punctures, energy release, and potential fires. The existing guardrail structure often fails to provide sufficient protection against these hazards, raising concerns about the safety of EV occupants.


The Importance of Enhanced Safety Measures:

The AZ Family report emphasizes the need for immediate action to address the dangers EVs face during guardrail collisions. Manufacturers, along with regulatory bodies, must collaborate to develop and adopt updated guardrail designs that account for the unique characteristics of EVs.


Incorporating innovative materials and engineering techniques, such as reinforced guardrails or energy absorption systems, could curtail the potential risks faced by the occupants of EVs. By designing guardrails specifically with EV accidents in mind, it would be possible to minimize battery penetration, energy release, and the likelihood of fire outbreaks.


While EVs are often touted for their numerous benefits, including sustainability and reduced vehicular emissions, the recent insights gained through crash tests and investigative reports are a stark reminder that there are still challenges to overcome regarding safety. The current inadequacies in guardrail design and construction present a pressing concern for the growing population of EVs on our roads.


To ensure the continued success and widespread adoption of EVs, manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and engineering experts must closely collaborate to develop updated safety protocols and guardrail modifications. By doing so, we can alleviate concerns about the potential dangers arising from collisions between EVs and highway guardrails, making our roads safer for all motorists.


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