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Debunking Myths: Exploring EV Battery Weight and Auto Accident Severity in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, there have been erroneous claims suggesting that their heavy battery weight can cause more severe auto accidents. In this blog post, we aim to dispel these misconceptions and shed light on the topic in the context of Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, we'll discuss why hiring an experienced attorney such as Korey Blumberg from Blumberg Injury Law is crucial in ensuring fair compensation following an accident.

Understanding EV Battery Weight:

It is true that electric vehicle batteries generally weigh more than traditional internal combustion engines (ICE). However, this alone does not necessarily imply a higher risk of severe accidents. EV manufacturers diligently engineer their vehicles to meet strict safety standards, compensating for the added weight in various ways.

  1. Lower Center of Gravity: The positioning of EV batteries often leads to a lower center of gravity compared to ICE vehicles. This design feature actually enhances stability and reduces the risk of rollovers, thereby promoting safety.

  2. Enhanced Safety Structures: Electric vehicles typically incorporate advanced safety features to compensate for the weight of the battery. These advancements include reinforced frames, crumple zones, and strategically placed shock-absorbing materials, all designed to protect occupants in case of a collision.

  3. Battery Shielding: EV manufacturers implement robust shielding measures to protect the battery pack in the event of an accident, further minimizing the potential for severe damage or fire-related hazards.

Debunking the Myths:

Contrary to popular misconceptions, research has shown that EVs are generally just as safe as their conventional counterparts. In fact, studies have demonstrated that the weight of an EV battery does not substantially impact accident severity. Factors such as driver behavior, collision dynamics, and safety features play a bigger role in determining the outcome of an accident.

Why Hire Blumberg Injury Law:

Regardless of the type of vehicle involved, hiring a competent attorney after an auto accident is crucial to ensure fair compensation for injuries, property damage, and related expenses. Korey Blumberg, an experienced attorney with Blumberg Injury Law, specializes in dealing with personal injury cases in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. Expertise and Experience: Korey Blumberg has a wealth of experience representing clients in personal injury cases, understanding the complexities of auto accidents and the intricacies of Arizona law.

  2. Negotiation Skills: Attorney Blumberg possesses strong negotiation skills, allowing him to advocate for your rights and ensure maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

  3. Holistic Approach: At Blumberg Injury Law, clients are provided comprehensive support throughout the legal process, ensuring you receive the necessary medical attention, expert evaluations, and guidance, all aimed at building a robust case on your behalf.


While EV battery weight may be greater than that of traditional ICE vehicles, it does not inherently increase the severity of auto accidents. EV manufacturers design their vehicles to compensate for this weight, employing advanced safety features that provide a high level of protection. In the event of an accident, hiring an experienced attorney like Korey Blumberg from Blumberg Injury Law is crucial to navigate the legal complexities, secure fair compensation, and move forward towards recovery.

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